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Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom, Fastpasses

How I got 9 Fastpasses at once at the Magic Kingdom

Update:  This method will stop working on January 14, 2014 when the Magic Kingdom eliminates the use of paper Fastpasses.

Today I was testing out Fastpass+ some more and riding rides, taking videos and photos etc…  I was using FP+ to actually ride most rides and just collected the paper ones to tell this story.  I’m still working on the post that explains how I was able to use the My Disney Experience app to successfully ride 8 consecutive rides using Fastpass+ with one account and one Magic Band.  I hope to have that ready this weekend.  That information isn’t a “glitch” and it isn’t “phantom” Fastpass+ that sometimes plague this new system.  It’s a way I found is possible to get as many Fastpass+ as I wish in a day and can even Park Hop using FP+.  That info will be coming real soon.  And probably quickly changed by Disney after posting :)

Today, I wish to explain how I was able to obtain 9 Fastpasses at the same time that included 3 Fastpass+ and 6 paper Fastpasses.  I recently wrote about my experience in the Animal Kingdom using the same ideas in a post entitled “How to get 6 Fastpasses at once at Animal Kingdom.

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Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom, Christmas, Jingle Cruise, 2013

Jingle Cruise 2013 Caution your experiences may vary!

Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom, Christmas, Jingle Cruise, 2013

The other day my kids and I ventured over to the Magic Kingdom to check out the Jingle Cruise on its first day of operation.  We took in the experience twice, once using Fastpass+ and once using paper Fastpass.  I was excited to see that the Magic Kingdom is attempting to do Christmas overlays again.  We used to enjoy the Country Bear Christmas version until it was eliminated.  We arrived to find a one hour wait for standy by guests.  The Jungle Cruise usually has a little longer wait than may other attractions due to its low capacity, but it was obvious that many guests wanted to take in the new version.

Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom, Christmas, Jingle Cruise, 2013


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Peter Pan & Wendy Darling at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party 2012

Rumor Round up: Peter Pan and Wendy may fly again, Mickey held up and Noah style Princesses

(Rumors: There is no guarantee that anything will happen at Walt Disney World until it is officially announced or actually happens and is subject to change at any time without notice)

Peter Pan and Wendy - Fantasyland 2010
Peter Pan and Wendy – Fantasyland 2010

According to Attractions Magazine’s official Twitter account @attractions, Peter Pan will begin meeting with Wendy again beginning this Sunday at the extended queue for Peter Pan’s Flight in the Magic Kingdom.  Other reports have them landing near the Adventureland entrance on the Frontierland side.  I guess we’ll see soon what happens.  As you can see in the photo above, Pan and Wendy used to meet next to Philharmagic before it was transformed into a magic portal for Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom.  It was a great location with shade a nook for a line and Tink was there above them.

Mickey Mouse in Animal Kingdom 2010 Tusker House
Mickey Mouse in Animal Kingdom 2010

In other news the new Mickey & Minnie meet to be known as The Adventurer’s Outpost in Animal Kingdom is expected to open on May 15th instead of the original target date of May 12th.  Eeyore will still be leaving the park with Donald & Daisy moving to Discovery Island Boat Dock and Pooh and Tigger taking over for Mickey and Minnie in Camp.   Pocahontas recently made ANOTHER move.  This time she moved to Discovery Island CAMP MINNIE MICKEY (effective 5/12/2013).  We met Mickey and Minnie in Camp together by being the first to arrive :)

I just realized that I hadn’t actually posted about the new Princess meet and greet that will be coming later this year.  It was reported on numerous sites that the meet will offer two separate lines (each with FP+) that will feature Cinderella + one other princess and Rapunzel + one other princess.  Guests will know exactly which extra princess they will meet with before entering the queue.  Aurora will definitely be in the rotation and I fully expect Snow White not to have a dedicated meet and greet in the Magic Kingdom after the change.   Merida will be staying in her location and the new “Frozen” princess will end up with a new location.  I haven’t heard of any plans to cancel Tiana or Jasmine’s regular meets in the Magic Kingdom yet.  Jasmine has made random appearances at Town Square Theater, especially in the evenings.

I’ve also heard that Sofia the First will not begin appearing until “Fall.”  Initially it was reported that she would begin in “Late spring.”  If Fall is correct, it MAY point to Sofia taking Wreck-it Ralph’s location as it would be a full year for Ralph and Vanellope.  Ralph wasn’t intended to be a very long-term character.  He’s already been retired from Disneyland.

Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom, Tinker Bell's Nook, Vidia, Rosetta, Meet and Greet

My Limited Time Magic Fairies experience

I began the morning hoping that all 7 of the fairies that Disney listed would be available in one meet.  Wouldn’t that be awesome to meet Tink, Fawn, Iridessa, Terance, Vidia, Rosetta and Silvermist all at once?  f(Periwinkle isn’t supposed to appear at all due to the hot weather melting her wings.)  Well, it didn’t turn out quite like that.  I’m glad that Walt Disney World is doing these type events, but a little more forethought into the guest expectations and experience would prove helpful.  Who would like to spend their entire vacation standing in the same line over and over and over in hopes of finding their favorite fairy?  I personally have met them all except Silvermist, so I hoped to get that over in one or at least two meets.  I asked the managers standing by in the room if they could tell me at least what day Silvermist would be available and they were typically coy.  They talked about “magic” and no one knows when fairies fly in, blah, blah, blah.  Super nice people, but not helpful at all!  I would at least like to know WHAT DAY she’ll be out.  I’m glad that I was already planning to come down to Walt Disney World to take photos for the new app and the new website we’re developing at http://www.characterlocator.com.

The fairies will not autograph your book for this special week.  Instead they offer a special leaf shaped card that has all the autographs on it.  I really like the leaf design and some of the names are really shiny too.

Limited Time Magic Fairies autograph card front
Limited Time Magic Fairies autograph card front

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