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(Updated 3/16/14)

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Where on Streets of America does Character Palooza take place?  It’s on San Francisco Street

But how can I know when Character Palooza is being performed during my trip???

  • With two Fantasmics at 9:00 & 10:30 there should ONE Character Palooza at around 6:00 PM. (Unconfirmed)
  • With one Fantasmic at 9:00 there should be at least ONE Character Palooza at around 4:30 PM.  (There may be more, but it’s unconfirmed)
  • With two Fantasmics at 8:30 and 10:00, there will be ONE Character Palooza at 5:40 PM on Streets of America.   
  • With one Fantasmic at 8:30 PM, there will be TWO Character Palooza meets.  The first at 4:30 PM on the Streets of America and the second at 5:10 PM on Streets of America
  • With two Fantasmics at 8:00 and 9:30, there will be ONE Character Palooza meet at 5:10 PM on the Streets of America
  • With one Fantasmic at 8:00, there will be TWO Character Palooza meets.  The first at 4:30 PM on the Streets of America and the second at 5:10 PM on the Streets of America
  • With TWO Fantasmics at 7:30 and 9:00 PM, there should be ONE Character Palooza at 4:30 PM on the Streets of America
  • With ONE Fantasmic at 7:30 PM there should be three Character Paloozas at 3:00, 4:00 and 5:10 PM on Streets of America
  • With TWO Fantasmics at 7:00 PM and 8:30 PM there should be one Character Palooza beginning around 4:05 to 4:10 pm
  • With ONE Fantasmic at 7:00 PM there should be three Character Palooazs at 2:30, 3:25 and 4:15 PM on Streets of America

One of the best character surprises is often referred to as Character Palooza (Characterpalooza), Pop-up Surprise or the Fantasmic! meet.   Because it is an unpublished meet, there is usually a short wait for some great and often rare characters.  This meet takes place out doors and can be canceled with the threat of inclement weather.  Here’s some of the characters that we’ve met over the years (which characters appear on a given day will always be a surprise!):

  • Aladdin
  • Belle
  • Bolt
  • Captain Hook
  • Chip n Dale
  • Genie
  • Gepetto
  • Goofy
  • Green Army Man
  • Jafar
  • Jasmine
  • Jessie
  • Lilo
  • Little Einsteins
  • Mary Poppins
  • Max
  • Meeko
  • Minnie Mouse
  • Mr. Smee
  • Mulan
  • Penguins
  • Pinocchio
  • Pluto
  • Pocahontas
  • Queen Grimhilde (Snow Queen / Evil Queen)
  • Queen of Hearts
  • Rafiki
  • Snow White
  • Stitch
  • Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

What characters have you met at Character Palooza?

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366 thoughts on “Take advantage of Character Palooza!”

  1. Thank you so much for your website. I discovered it after our March 2012 but can’t wait to use it on our return trip in the fall of 2013

  2. This is great news. Visited the Parks in March, 2012. Returning Nov. 2012. Will be trying this tip out. Just found your site today. Looks interesting and informative. Thanks Kenny. AB

  3. We’ve met Captain Hook & Smee, Stitch, Mary Poppins w/ penguins, Aladdin & Jasmine, Meeko, Goofy, Pinocchio, Jafar, Mickey & Minnie, Green Army Man, Queen of Hearts. Stitch even took a Sorcerer Mickey hat from the boy in front of us and ran down to Sorcerer Mickey and started taunting him! This is our favorite hidden gem at DHS as most lines are no more than 8-10 people deep! BTW-Thanks Kenny for an awesome blog! It’s my new favorite!

  4. I am so excited to do this for the first time in October! Do you know if each “set” has the same characters for that entire evening or does each set contain all new characters? I assume it is the same and they take breaks. But you never know!

  5. Thanks so much Kenny! We’re going in September and I can’t wait!!! I’m really excited about Character Palooza.I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to make an autograph book for me. Forget the kids!

      1. Thanks for the reply Kenny! I’ve missed this every time we’ve gone and we will only have 1 DHS day this time and its SWW.

  6. Thanks for the tip! Found Mr. Smee, Captain Hook, Pinocchio, Mary Poppins with Penguins, Chip and Dale, Minnie, and Pluto.

  7. So excited to have found your site via Disboards! Very, very informative. If fantasmic starts at 9, Character Palooza begins at 4:50? I’d love to check this out with my girls! Does EMH factor in at all?

  8. so from what I can find…on Nov 5th it’s an evening EMH & Fantasmic is at 6:30pm which means there is no meeting that day? Could that possibly change?

  9. Thank you so much! Yesterday we met the snow queen, stitch, Mary Poppins and her penguins, genie (from Aladdin), the queen of hearts, chip and dale, and Mrs. Incredible all in one small time frame! I’m really hoping next time we will see Pinocchio…
    Thank you again!!!

  10. I met stitch, mickey mouse, mr. incredible, mrs. incredible, frozone, meeko, pocahontas, bolt, max, goofy, geppetto, pinocchio, mr. penguin, mary poppins and captain hook in just 2 days!

  11. When we were there in sept/oct 2011, we met Pocahontas and Meeko, Pinocchio and Geppettpo, Stitch, the Penguins, Minnie and Pluto, Chip and Dale, a green army man. Loved, loved, loved it!!!

      1. Sorry, meant if Fantasmic! begins BEFORE 7:30… edited original comment. It’s not based on park hours, but Fantasmic schedules. Park hours and Fantasmic schedules usually change halfway through the month prior.

  12. Are there Photopass photographers on hand? If not, are CM handlers present that would take a family photo or are we completely on our own photo-wise? :)

  13. really hoping to meet Captain Hook and Genie. I don’t understand who decides who should be retired from regular rotation. I can’t afford to take the whole family on the Pirates and Pals fireworks thing. So bummed about this. I hope I can see some characters during this time. Will be there from August 7th-13th. Any extra advice on meeting rare characters? Thanks.

    1. Decisions on who should be available to the public is based in entertainment and can be for a number of factors including costume availability, size of person needed to fill the role and what characters they want available to promote their products.. Best bet for rare characters is character palooza, followed by Epcot training locations.

  14. Amazing site, Kenny! Thank you SO much!!!! This is getting me so excited! We are taking our soon-to-be-four-year-old daughter to WDW in a month. She is so excited to meet her favorite characters and, thank to you, I’ll be able to do a great job making sure she meets as many as possible!
    Thanks again!

  15. Soo excited to try this knowingly for the first time next month!!! My 14th trip plus a year working in epcot in 2006, why is this new knowledge to me!?! thankyou ktp!!

  16. So Kenny-Looking at the Jan. 2013 schedule,and your rules about Fantasmic! (and yes, I know things change) Character Palooza will only be held once in January as all the shows start at 6:30 or 7! Any thoughts???

  17. Thanks Kenny! Stumbled upon your site last night before heading out to Hollywood Studios today. We would have totally missed out on Character Palooza if not for you. We were able to see a lot you’ve listed (Mary Poppins, Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, etc) but we were also able to get a picture with Bolt. Don’t know if it is true or not but one worker said that was the only place to get a picture with him. Thanks again!

  18. Three trips but i am just now learning about this….bummed that fantasmic starts at 6:30 through most of December….guess we will just have to save this tip for our next summer trip!

  19. Went to HS for the evening last week and headed back to the Animation Studio where “Character Palooza” is held. Man o man – we hit the motherload this day:

    Hook and Queen of Hearts were repeated from the previous day but then the fun really began: Mulan, Mary Poppins and her Penquins, Belle, Genie, Jafar, Minnie and lo & behold Pinnochio and Gepetto. These 2 were a hoot and a half!

    They danced and played with DS and then I headed up for a picture and Pinnochio stopped to read my Grumpy shirt and started to laugh uncontrollably. He read it line by line then reached over, grabbed my nose and tried to pull on it – stating that I was a liar and my nose was destined to grow. He “unposed” – walked over to his Dad – grabbed him by his hand and pulled him in front of me. He fixed his glasses, bent down and also read my shirt – shaking his finger at me as I was also a liar. This lasted for almost 2 minutes and was THE highlight of the trip!

    Thanks for making us aware Kenny!

  20. Great site, Kenny!

    Just a question, do the characters take a break between sets? For example, if there is an 8:30
    Fantasmic and there are 2 30-min sets beginning at 4:50, does Characterpalooza run from 4:50-5:50 or is there a break in between stretching the time out?

    Thanks so much!

      1. There is said to be 2 30 minute sets when we are there. Do we get in line at 4:445 to see the first set, and then get back in line to see the second set?

  21. Went today! Caught Mary Poppins and her penguin, Chip and Dale, Pluto, and Rafiki. Minnie was there but we opted out (she was in her polka dot dress, so we can get her at Epcot Character Spot along with everyone else). Couldn’t figure out who replaced Rafiki in set two, or where they were located. Because of Palooza, we also got Pooh with no wait!

    And, as a side note, we could Meeko today outside of The Great Movie RIde, probably training?

  22. Okay, so according to your outline, Sat, Sept 29th there is NO Fantasmic! due to some kind of run or marathon thing…it seems to be the only day the whole month that there isn’t one scheduled. Think we’ll be lucky and get a whole slew of characters and all 4 sets? I’m a little worried that they just won’t do it at all…

    1. Sorry, let me clarify…your outline doesn’t say there is no Fantasmic!, it says when there is not one scheduled, there will be 4 sets. I really hope they don’t forget that day!

  23. There only seemed to be one set when I went yesterday, but it was pretty full. Stitch, Gepetto, Minnie w. Pluto, and Pocahontas w. Meeko :)

  24. I stumbled across your site the other day. I am soooo happy I did! Thank you so much for your information on the Character Palooza! We got to see, what I’m pretty sure was the highlight of our trip, Captain Hook and Mr. Smee today!!! The Wicked Queen, Pocahontas and Meek, and Stitch were some of the unusuals that were also there. What an awesome hidden jem. Thank you again!!

  25. I’m not as familiar with HS as I am with the other parks. Where exactly is the ‘Animation Area’? When I typed it into the search engine on the Disney Site, I got nada. I’m really excited for this!

    1. Probably the easiest way for me to direct you to get there is when you enter the park walk up the road to the Hat. Take a right there and head down the road, you will see brown derby restaurant on your right as you walk. Keep walking and you will go under arches that read Hollywood Studios and continue passed Little Mermaid (On left) and the Disney Junior Show (on your right) If you continue to go straight you will walk into a building. That is the building you need.

  26. Thank you so much for all the information you provided and especially for this tip. My two sons wanted to see hook in the worst way and if not for this time we would have never had the opportunity to meet him. My four year old was ecstatic and excited to see him, he began singing and dancing upon Hooks arrival and called him a cod fish. Hook took offense and walked away for a few seconds. During the picture Captain Hook kept playing with his hook and pointing at my son as well as making gestures that he smelled. It was a wonderful and priceless experience. Thank you again so much for your tip. Your brought so many priceless memories to my family with your character schedules. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!!!!

  27. This is one of Disney’s best character spots! So few people know about it. Over the last few visits, we have seen Pinocchio & Gephetto, Mary Poppins & Penguins, Pocohontas, Meeko, and Max. Thanks for the additional info about when the sets begin. We just always headed over there late afternoon. Now we will be more intentional about our timing.

  28. This is great! We really want to find some villains and this seems like our best bet. Are the schedules you listed true in January too? Not to be dense… I just want to double check… the week we are going, all Fantasmics are at 6:30 but one night the park closes at 6, and there is no Fantasmic. We are planning on being there that day – do you think there will be one at 4:50?

  29. Best advice ever! We went yesterday and saw Bolt, Captain Hook, Mary Poppins with 2 penguins, Belle in her blue dress, Pluto, Gepetto with Pinocchio, Jafar, Meeko and Pocahontas, Mulan, Goofy and Max, and Quincy (from Little Einsteins) in the time frame you mentioned. And while waiting before and during we also saw Winnie the Pooh, Sorcerer Mickey, Mr. and Mrs. Incredible, Frozone, and right outside we saw Jake (from the Neverland Pirates) and Handy Manny! Arrived at 4:35 right after Beauty and the Beast Show and left at 5:45, so in just over an hour we saw 23 characters! Not crowded at all, and actually saw several of them multiple times! Keep in mind they scatter all over that building so make sure you poke your head in all the rooms or you’ll probably miss someone. Loved it! Thanks again! We had so much fun we’re likely to pop back over another afternoon just to catch the rotation again and see if we find anyone else we haven’t ever seen (Bolt, Jafar and Quincy we firsts for us, and Mary with Penguins — seen them separately before but never together).

  30. Thanks Kenny! I stumbled across your site last night and I was able to get my 2 yr old to meet Peter Pan, Captian Hook and Smee today (had to got to parks but that’s ok). He is crazy about Jake and all the Characters that go along with it. It was helpful to know where they were and about the characterpalooza.

  31. Hi Kenny,
    Just one more question, where in Epcot is the training areas for characters? I am curious cause I have never seen it.


    1. Outside the Character Spot between Character Spot and Imagination Pavillion.
      Millenium Village Gates between Canada and UK
      International Gateway – entrance from Epcot resorts
      American Adventure gates to the left of the attraction

  32. We loved going to this! We loved the Queen, but we saw many others too! They had jake and handy manny come inside too. Most of the characters didn’t have a line, but it started to pour outside around five, and people came running inside. They were so excited to “stumble” on all of these characters that you don’t see very often! That added to the lines. Otherwise it would have been dead!

  33. This is awesome! We planned the Fantasmisc! Dinner package, which meant early reservations…now we have a great “surprise” for our 2yo & 5yo!

  34. Sorry if I missed this but do they sign? I have been to Disney 9 times in the past few years but have not known about this. I think i like the characters as much as my kids, lol. THANKS!!!

      1. Usually do. I’ve heard reports during recent testing on streets and echo lake that some were saying no. Characters have been wandering to try to avoid forming lines during these tests.


  35. Just a note from personal experience – don’t bother asking any Cast Members about this at the park, as they will most likely LIE TO YOUR FACE about it. I asked many of them about it, and most didn’t know, but I had more than 1 lie right to me, telling me they don’t do “Characterpalooza” anymore because too many people were looking for/expecting it. I really wanted to see Mary Poppins during our visit to Disney World, but hadn’t by our last day. I was very disappointed each time I was told that Mary Popins would NOT be there, she’s only at Epcot, and then like I said, the’d never heard of any special character meets at the Animation building, or that they stopped doing it. Since I had planned on going there, and we had some time to kill, we went in the building around 4:50pm last Saturday. We found the expected Mr. & Mrs. Incredible, Sorcerer Mickey, and Pooh, but then we saw Stitch peaking from around a corner (which was a big deal for one of my daughters!), then I turned around and saw MARY POPINS and one of her penguins!!! Then, I knew I was LIED to, but I was too happy to do anything about it. We also had a BLAST playing with Genie – the went skipping off with 2 of my daughters and showed them his drawing on one of the walls in the building. Then we were very intimidated by the Queen of Hearts (which was still a ton of fun), Chip & Dale sat down to color with my girls, and we even saw Frozon with the Incredibles. I know for sure that Minnie & Pluto were there, but we’d already seen them, and the few people that were there with us were already gathered to see them. So, to make a long story short, believe what Kenny the Pirate tells you!

    1. Thanks for sharing. Many cms have no idea what characters appear or where they appear. They mean well, but don’t know all the operations.

      Mary Poppins meets at Epcot AND Magic Kingdom btw.


  36. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum made what was apparently a very rare appearance. Another handler and photographer across the room got very excited about it.

  37. Hi Kenny. Great site. I wanted to say that I went to HS today looking for Characterpalooza. There was no Fantasmic! and the park closed at 6 pm. I was expecting about an hour of character meets. Unfortunately nothing happened. No characters showed up and when I asked about characterpalooza the CM said it wasnt happening because there was no Fantasmic and the park closed early. Anyway, just wanted to share. Im planning on trying again when there is Fantasmic!

      1. Thanks for your reply. Not sure if what happened to me was an isolated thing but you may want to let people know to stay away from early park closes if they are interested in characterpalooza :). I might go tomorrow again since HS closes at 6 pm again on Thursday.

        I did want to ask about the Epcot character training. Is this an everyday thing, does it only happen certain times a year? I’d appreciate any info on it. Thnx.

  38. Just wanted to share that I tried Characterpalooza today (Fantasmic at 7:30 pm) and it did happen this time around the time you mentioned. The characters were out like 15 mins it seemed but I was able to meet Hook/Smee, Pinochio/Gepetto, Evil Queen, and Mary Poppins and her penguins. Also out today were Jasmine, LILO & Stitch, Goofy & Max, and Minnie with Pluto. Missed out on Lilo n Stitch by like a minute. May try again on Friday see what I can find.

    Thanks again Kenny.

  39. On Monday, Nov 5th there is listed a 6:30 & 8pm Fantasmic. Will there be a characterpalooza & what time? From how I read your schedule I don’t think there is one…

  40. You do realize this meet and greet isn’t listed for a reason. It’s supposed to be a surprise and because bloggers like you advertise, it really ruins everything. The Animation building is usually packed with people who make the entire experience a complete nightmare. Just to let you know… you’re killing the Disney magic.

    1. I had a great time meeting these characters the other day. It was the highlight of our trip. Without Kenny, we would have had no idea about this experience. His tip made a magical moment happen for us!

    2. So listing Sorcerers Hat Characters, Mary Poppins, Alice, Stitch or Push the Trashcan are running the Magic too? Too funny. I’m helping families to find their favorite characters and wait less doing it. Btw, I’m not a “blogger.” I’m a father.

  41. I will be at Disney Dec 10-14 and Fantasmic is running at 6:30 every day that week-that means no Characterpalooza, right? Just trying to planning my schedule.

  42. Thank you so much for the info!! I’ve always known about this, yet always forgot by the time we get there. We’ll be in DHS 2 times in May 2013 and I look forward to having he 1st -timer we’re travelling with meet everyone here!! Again thanks so much =)

  43. The characters we have met are Goofy,Max,Pluto,Minnie,Donald,Daisy,Aladdin,Jasmine,Belle,Bolt,Hook,Smee,Chip,Dale,Genie,Gepetto,Green Army Man,Jafar,Mary Poppins,Penguins,Meeko,Pocahontas,Queen Grimhilde,Queen of Hearts,Rafiki,Little Einsteins,Handy Manny,Pinocchio,and Ratcliff.I think that is everyone.

  44. Kenny – I’ve read every post on here. I’m realizing my daughter has gotten quite lucky. There are only a few characters listed that she hasn’t gotten: Bolt, Max, Push Snow Queen, Cruella De Ville & Governor Ratcliffe are the only ones we haven’t seen – the rare ones. We’ve made 4 trips to WDW and haven’t seen Max YET. She’s dying to meet him. This JUST might be our opportunity. We are going back March 10th!!! You are providing a wonderful service to some very appreciative people! Don’t let the Naysayer get to you!!!! Thank You SOOOOO much!!!

  45. March 10th 2013 is the next Character Palooza?
    I will be in HS that day and it’s the day before my birthday!

    I’ve never been there for this, wow so excited!
    Fantasmic is at 8:30p and 10p that day so:

    “If the first Fantasmic begins at 8:30 pm, there will be two 30 minute sets at 4:50 & 5:20pm”

    So you go to the Animation building inside…is this the area where Sorcerer Mickey is?

    Thanks so much! I’m having a Tigger moment! *bounces in excitement*

  46. Wow. Thank you soooo much for all this information. I have been going to wdw since I was a child but never knew about this. Why have they taken a break from doing the characterpalooza? And last year when we were at Hollywood Studios we stumbled upon a dance party sort of thing in the building where they do the disney junior show. It was at night during extra magic hours. Do you have more information on this? Thanks for all your hard work :)

  47. Back on the Streets of America today. 1st set lasted 20 minutes, from 4:35 to 4:55. Mostly the same characters as yesterday (but no Jasmine or Pluto today).

      1. Nope, exact same line-up as yesterday, minus Jasmine, Pluto, and the Queen of Hearts. There was a 25-30 minute break between the 2 sets, and the 2nd set had the exact same characters as the 1st set.

      2. Unfortunately won’t be back before next week (apparently I have to go to work if I want them to pay me – seems kind of a ridiculous policy).

        Definitely looking forward to seeing who others find though. With the rain we’re supposed to be getting all day, I’d imagine that it might return to the Animation Building, at least for today.

    1. These characters have appeared: Belle Jasmine Mary Poppins Queen Grimhilde Pocahontas

      Chip Dale Minnie Jafar Pinocchio Gepetto Goofy Hook Mr. Smee Green Army Man Penguin Stitch Meeko Queen of Hearts Pluto On Mon, Mar 11, 2013 at 8:32 PM, Kennythepirate's Disney Character

      1. At today’s 2 sets (on the streets of America) Queen of Hearts, Evil Queen Grimhilde, Meeko, Stitch, Minnie, Goofy, Pinocchio, Gepetto, Green Army man, Jasmine, chip and Dale, Mary Poppins and penguins, Captain Hook, Mr. smee and Tigger all appeared.

  48. where on the streets of america do they appear? i go in april and would love to know. and hope Bolt shows up again during these. ive noticed all the ones youve mentioned who appeared recently but no mentions of Bolt.

    1. When I was there, the characters walked out from the direction of the stunt show and starting meeting guests near the San Francisco street backdrop.

      1. Thanks Brittany. Can’t wait to do this! Any updates on who else has appeared lately or still all the same as recently?

      2. All the reports lately have been very similar. Arrive a little earlier for the first set, delay, second set.

        On Tue, Mar 19, 2013 at 9:05 AM, Kennythepirate's Disney Character

      3. ok thanks so much you guys! ill def get there lil early. i still got 3 weeks to go til im there so ill keep checking the site to see if there is another location change or more characters appear! =)

  49. Today’s 1st set began at 4:35 at the San Francisco section of the Streets of America. The characters started to leave at 4:45, and all of them were gone by 4:48. They weren’t rushed backstage or anything – it actually felt like they knew they were only coming out for 10 minutes. Definitely seemed odd and rather abrupt though.

    The attendants told Guests that the characters would be back in 20 minutes. It has been almost an hour and they still have not returned.

    Characters who appeared: Minnie, Stitch, Pinocchio, Gepetto, Chip, Dale, Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, Belle, Mary Poppins, Mr. Penguin, Queen of Hearts, Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum, Jessie, Green Army Man, Meeko, and Max.

  50. I had a similar situation when I was there on 3/16. The characters were out for about 10 minutes then sent back in and didn’t come back out until about an hour later. Both sets that day were Stitch, Belle, Pluto, Genie, Jessie, Green Army Man, Hook, Mary Poppins, 2 Penguins, Mulan & Pocahontas. Pocahontas was not in the 2nd set. Never have I seen a more disorganized Meet & Greet since the Villans Mix & Mingle at MNSSHP. I think they need to put it back in the Animation Building as that seemed to work better. I got that day Hook, Pocahontas, Mulan, Mary Poppins, a Penguin, Pluto & Green Army Man. They need to bring out the Hunchback characters. I’m dying to meet them.

    1. Very interesting. Was there any rain in the forecast for the 16th? Because there was rain forecasted when I was there Tuesday, and I thought that might possibly have played a role. Still seemed strange though since it was never close to actually raining (blue skies all afternoon).

  51. Thank you for your awesome website! I am planning ahead for an October trip. The day I am considering is October 8. There is no fantasmic scheduled and the park is scheduled to close at 6. Will there be a characterpalooza that day?

  52. are they still at Streets of America? Im planning 4 a family next week & are hoping they can catch some characters. Also any ideas on what they do if rains?

    1. Every meet has either been at Streets or Echo Lake so far this year. When it rained recently, it was reportedly canceled.

      On Tue, Mar 26, 2013 at 7:31 PM, Kennythepirate's Disney Character

  53. Hi-love the site & tips! We caught Characterpalooza last year in Art of Animation, but didn’t have anyone too exciting or unusual like the villains (did have Meeko though).

    Anyway, heading back to WDW week of April 20. Wondering if it’s still worth it to do Characterpalooza, with the move out of Art of Animation & brief appearance times. Are people able to get photos/autographs when characters are only out for a few minutes? Would love to see the Tweedles & Villains.

    Also, do the characters change or usually stay the same between the sets? Thanks again!

  54. It was really disorganized some were running in circles not signing or taking pics. While others like Genie and Max were sitting in one spot posing and signing

  55. By the way we saw Genie, Max, Mr. Penguin, Queen of Hearts, Jessie, Gepetto, Meeko, Lilo, Stich, Captain Hook, Mr.Smee, and Mary Poppins

  56. Any way this change from inside may be temporary due to the crowds of Spring Break? Fingers crossed that this is the case & they will be back inside after the crowds diminish some.

    Does anyone know if the first & second set are the same characters, or do they vary? Thanks for the info!

  57. Okay..I’m the overplanner:) When we say Echo Lake and Streets…is there some place specific they are located in those areas? On our day there’s 9/10:30 Fantasmic. Anything change? If not, you think they’ll alternate between Streets / Echo for all 4 meets?

  58. Waiting for it now but don’t see anything heard a girl say she came by other day waited 2 hours and nothing came! Is it on hiatus again?

  59. hate to report this but have been sitting on the streets america since 415 and there is absolutely nothing even when asked Cast members about it using a flirty method they said its been quiet for a week now are there any other reports of there???

  60. Ok so after 530p & lots of walking around & trying 2 get info from other cast members while speaking Disney lingo the following characters finally came out on Streets at the San Fran backdrop, forgive my spelling: Pochahantis, Meeko, Chip & Dale, Stitch, Hook, Smee, 3 Green Army men, Pinnochio, Max, Mary Poppins, Penguin.

    They did about a 10 min set then came back 30 min later for another set. I got info from a different Cast member bc he thought I was even though Im not yet & said that it will be going on ALL summer. depends on Fantasmic schedule & the locations & times change however its usually after 5pm in shady areas. He said each day changes bc of staff etc. Thats the most info I could get lol. but I had a blast watching & getting pictures. If you go solo tell an attendant & they will follow u to the character of your choice & help out. Also if have children with autograph books THEY MUST BE READY!!! I saw at least 3x children who were not ready with pen & book open & character walked away. cant wait to be back in June.

  61. Ok just got home 2 DE & checked the time stamps on my phone from the pictures I took & had cast members take. The 1st set was at 5:30p the 2nd set was at 6:20p. I took pictures as soon as I saw them come out so my times should be right within 5 min or so. As KTP said be there early bc the times arent guarenteed.

  62. Fantasmic was at 8:30p & 10p. I went to the 8:30p show. Yes they were still planning on doing it all summer according to a cast member I talked to but everything is not in stone. As you see I had to go off my time stamps on my pictures to know the times of Charaterpolooza. My phone was also dying so Im sorry at 1st my times werent accurate until I checked the picture time stamps. since the parade & hat show was canceled there are more cast members walking around the park to answer questions & guide people. They dont know if there will be another parade or not but they did confirm cars land coming & stunt show leaving. I go back in June & plan to give another report.

  63. Is this still happening? Waited from 4:30 to 5:00 on SOA yesterday and did not see. Also cast member told us it was in MOA so we ran over there to see if we could catch 5:20 and nothing :(. Do u know where it currently is???? We are going back tomorrow and don’t want to miss.

    1. Remember on the days I went there wasnt activity until 5:30p so they maybe doing it later some days & early others. I know I went on Monday April 8 which was begining of month Fantasmic was at 8:30p so they waited until 5:30p. My opinion I think they are trying to keep it a surprise & not stick to a schedule bc its not a guarentee. But remember Im just an observer lol Good Luck

  64. I’ve done character palooza twice. Both times I sat on the bench in front of the restrooms right in front of Lights, Motors, Action. If you look across you can see the backstage area they come out of, so when they come out, you are the first to know. I happened to discover this by accident one day when I saw the characters exiting while on the end of Catastrophe Canyon. Get there early and wait, and when they come out you can follow them to the Streets of America. I don’t know where they come out for the Echo Lake palooza. Both times I saw them at Streets.

    Kind of chaotic. Some characters will pose for photos. Some sign autographs. Brief, but a lot of fun seeing characters you don’t normally see.

    Some of the rarer characters I got photos of include the Queen of Hearts, Hook, Queen Grimhilde (from Snow White), Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, Max, Meeko, Gepetto and Pinocchio. I even got a castmember to take photos of me with Hook and Queen Grimhilde last time.

  65. Did this yesterday. Lilo was out if you want to add her to the list. They all came out right after Lights, Motor, Action so they crowd was really crazy!

  66. i have met out of the past two years, 2011 once 2012 twice both in august
    belle blue dress
    mary poppins and penguins
    meeko and pocahontas
    captain hook and mr smee
    june and annie
    pinocchio and gepetto
    chip and dale
    queen of hearts.

    these were in animation. do they not meet in animation anymore?

      1. So I’m headed back to dhs today. 6:00 on streets of America right? No one showed last time :(

  67. On June 10, 2013
    Captain Hook
    Chip and Dale
    Green army men (at least 2)

  68. Today’s characters at palooza were…
    Pinocchio, Mulan, Snow White, Pocahontas, Minnie, Mary Poppins, Penguin, 2 Army Men, Evil Queen, Jesse, Dale, Chip, Princess Jasmine, Stitch.
    Pretty fun and chaotic :)
    Thanks for the info Kenny !!!

  69. Today’s palooza had:
    Max Goof
    Queen of hearts
    Grippe to
    3 army men
    Rafik I
    Capt hook

    This meet and greet definitely has a great selection of characters. Highly recommended! Thanks again for this blog Kenny :)

  70. So, definitely no palooza after Nov. 2? We’re heading down that first week and I was really looking forward to some rarer character meets :(

      1. Thanks! Based on this info, I’ve changed our schedule around so we go to Hollywood Studios on Nov. 2, instead of Epcot. So, hopefully, we’ll get that last character palooza after all!

  71. Pinnochio is a MUST SEE any reports lately of seeing him? We are headed to HS tomorrow. Will be at Streets at 6pm. Please help

  72. Wondering whether Photopass photographers are out for character palooza?! I am going with my DD (18m at the time of next trip) and won’t be able to get photos of the meets unless a photopass photographer takes them! Thanks.

  73. Do you have any insight why they have no Paloma nov-march? You would think with those nice temps it would be thd best time for outdoor paloozas..

    Thanks for all the updates.

  74. Thanks for the Awesome tip!!
    We went on June 23 and saw:
    2 Green Army Men
    Chip & Dale

    We had time to see them all! I was hoping to see some villains, but it was still awesome. My little girl had a blast! Thanks again!

  75. Where exactly IS characterpalooza located? Is it in the art of animation building, or somewhere else? I’m confused.

  76. Ok, I am just curious. Now that Characterpalooza is at SOA, how is this set up or even organized??? Will there be attendants keeping track of lines? I just can’t imagine how you would maneuver through all of those characters? I know you would need to be choosy, would you have time to make two sets possibly?

  77. I will be there Aug 28-sep 3..will the schedule be one a day or back to depending on how many Fantasmics there are?

  78. Today was Mary poppins, merlo and Pocahontas, green army man, Jessie, max, jasmine, Minnie, chip and sale, Pinocchio, stitch. I think that’s it.

      1. Streets. Last Wednesday they were at the steets also. That was merlo jasmine stitch Pinocchio Mary poppins… Three green army men and then someone else I can’t remember. But they weren’t very rare because I didn’t get them.

  79. Bolt was also out on the 13th.

    Gotta say I only really went for Max. Thanks for explaining this entire Character Palooza!

  80. Last October, we met evil queen, belle in blue dress, Mary poppins and penguins, Mulan, genie, Captain Hook and mr. Smee.

  81. If we are planning Hollywood Studios for Monday, October 7th (looks like one Fantasmic at 8pm) – while I know nothing is set in stone – should I “expect” the first at 3:30 PM on the Streets of America and the second at 4:30 PM at Echo Lake? We have had three un-successful attempts (rain, rain and just plain no show) at Characterpalooza and I am determined to have success ;) THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HELP!

  82. Kenny will you be heading to HS at all this week since the move? Would love to catch up. My plan is for HS on Thurs but seeing there maybe a siting on Fri Im aiming for a Fri on Streets then check out the Lake never done that one. Keep me posted. You know this is my favorite event. TTYL

    1. I’ll probably go back on Friday as the meets were all messed up by weather. They did two sets on Streets by LMA 4:20 ad 5:20. Hopefully the weather will be clear and they’ll do split sets so I can get photos and video to help people out.

  83. Today they were by lights motors action only. It was Mary Poppins & Mr Penguin x2, my man Stitch, 2 green army men. Kinda sad. & they came at 545p & left at 6:05. We left after. Might try again tomorrow.

  84. okay I ran and I’m here by lights motors action with a view on street and were they were yesterday hope to see some action

  85. KTP if u make it update me Im covering LMA & Streets now. Idk about the lake & after I ram here I’m not running again if I can help it. Keep me posted.

  86. OK came at 435ish at Streets. Jasmine, Jafar, chip & dale, pocahontis, 2 green army men, Mary Poppins, next stop lake in 30 min

  87. 510 ecco lake chip & dale, jasmine, Genie, Jafar, Pocahontis, Mary Poppins, 2 green army men HAPPY BIRTHDAY KTP!!!! I must have just missed u at beaches & cream lol ttyl

  88. OK came at 435ish at Streets. Jasmine, Jafar, chip & dale, pocahontis, 2 green army men, Mary Poppins, next stop lake in 30 min

    We were there too. CM confirmed 4:35 time “when weather permits”

  89. Was so bummed they never showed up at Tues 8/27. Was at Streets of America at 5:30 and waited til 5:35. Perhaps we should have waited longer?? Asked a worker and they seemed clueless.

  90. That Sept chart is awesome, thank you! I was having the hardest time figuring it out- I keep seeing different times posted for F! on 9/15.

  91. In your schedule above, I don’t see a listing for if there is only one F! at 7:30 (what is scheduled for our Oct trip). Would palooza be at 4:30ish? Where?

  92. With two Fantasmics at 8:00 and 9:30, there will be ONE Character Palooza meet at

    does this mean this is unknown at this time as it has not occurred yet with the new characterpalooza happenings?

  93. We will be there the in 10 days (starting 10/13). With the 7:30 PM Fantasmic time (on 10/15), does this mean it will be still be around 4:30 on Streets of America or will this time be earlier? Thanks for all your great information!

  94. We were on streets of America on oct 3rd at 5pm and saw soooo many… snow queen, hook, jafar, jasmin, Mulan, pokahantus, Meeko, Mary poppins and 2 penguins, Jessie, 3 army men, bolt, stitch, chip and dale, pinocchio, tweedle dee and tweedle dumb. Oh and Minnie Mouse.

  95. Thanks for all these tips…My sis and I are really excited to give this a shot next HS trip we make! Although by the sounds of it..it sounds like the animation studio was so much more organized :/

    Just to make sure i’m correct..they never do one on a Saturday?

    Wishing I lived closer so I could pop in on a week day :P

    1. Yes Animation was much more organized. It seems like they are intentionally seeing what happens when they discourage lines, kinda strange.
      Happens on Saturdays when the park is open for regular hours.

      1. Yeah agreed! Hopefully they’ll see how crazy it was this year and put it back in the animation building next spring.

        Looked at the calendar for HS and It seems like after like next week they start closing at 7:30pm most days…so guessing that means they’ll be character palooza then? If that’s the case then I wont be able to make it out there before the 3rd of Nov…but will def. have to go in the spring when they start it up again.

  96. We were there on 9/30 and it took place at 3:30 on Streets of America. Saw hook, queen of hearts, jasmine, mulan, army men, bolt, pinocchio, geppetto and chip/dale. Did not stay to see if there was a 2nd one held at Echo Lake.

  97. This is so awesome! Thank you so much! This might be a repetative question (forgive me if so), but if the Fantasmic show is at 7:30, where and when will the Character Palooza be? Thanks again! :)

  98. I’m confused. Your posts says fantasmic’s starting at 8, 8:30, 9:30, and 10. While we are there, they start at 7:30 and 9. Would the times for character palooza be the same as those listed for 8 and 9:30? Then you said that if there is only one fantasmic at 7:30 like on 10/18, there would be 3 character paloozas. Am I right?

  99. Today there was one F! Scheduled for 8 and both characterpaloozas were on streets of america. I met Jasmine and Genie, Pocahontas and Meeko, Pinocchio, Wicked Queen from Snow White and a green army man … chip and dale were also out. It was a blast thank you so much for the information! !!

  100. Today there was 2 Fantasmics – first at 7:30 and then at 9:00. Characters came out on the Streets of America about 4:35. Saw Pinocchio, Gephetto, Mulan, Jasmine, Captain Hook, Stich, Pocohontas, Meeko, Minnie, Chip and Dale. Thanks for getting this info out there!

  101. We are really looking forward to doing this in late October. I am still waiting for updated info about when and where for days when there’s only one Fantastmic (at 7:30 pm). I’ve been reading all the posts, so I’m confused about if there will be one, two or three sets at 3, 4, 5:10, and if all sets happen at SOA. Waiting for some folks to confirm the posted information.

  102. I’m headed to HS on Monday, hope we get to see lots of characters! There is just the 7:30 Fantasmic that day, we’ll let you know who we get to meet!

  103. I wanted to thank you!!! Fifth time was a charm – after 4 previous failed attempts (all weather related); we finally had the pleasure of experiencing Characterpalooza and your information was spot on. We attended it on Friday, October 11th – we mainly wanted to see Pinocchio and we DID!!!! So because we did, we skipped the second showing (tired 5yo). We saw Jasmine and Genie (yay), Snow Queen, green army man, chip and dale, Meeko and Pocahontas, and Pinocchio (no gepetto but we’ll take what we can get!!) THANKS again for your great info!!

  104. Headed to HS today- with one F! at 7:30, would your best guess still be 3, 4, & 5:10 at SOA for Characterpalooza? Love your site & recommend it to everyone I meet- Thanks!!!

  105. I was wondering if characterpalooza is a guaranteed thing for everyday? I was on the SOA for 4.30 yesterday (18/10/13 – seeing as they added another F! show on, meaning a 7.30 and a 9.00 show), waited there until just gone 5.00 and no-one showed up. Or was it somewhere else in HS?

  106. Shame. They need to make characterpalooza a lot easier to decipher :( I may have to try again Monday.. Any ideas what time it might be on that day?..

  107. Was just at character palooza, one fantasmic at 7:30 and at 3:05 we saw max, jasmine, Mulan, Pocahontas and mekoo, tweedledee and dum, chip and dale, green army man, and Minnie.

  108. Kenny we did hit the 4pm one too, on 10/19; same characters + stitch, we didn’t stay for the 5:10. We are planning on heading over again for today’s to see if we can see some different characters. My daughter loved getting to see so many characters at once, thanks for all the info!

  109. Just got here 5:05 said they wouldn’t be doing anymore sets. Caught meeko & pinnochio leaving. CM said they are shifting times to earlier in day when only 1 Fantasmic. Kinda bummed. Rushed here as fast as could.

  110. I’ll be at Hollywood Studios on Nov 4th and 5th. On the 4th there’s Fantasmic! at 7 and 8:30 and on the 5th there’s at 7 only. I really wanna know the times and places for character palooza these days. An when you say Streets Of America, where exactly there?
    Thank you very much.

  111. We went on 23rd October and caught the 3pm set. As you go into SofA from Lights Motor Action there is a little street off to the right and that’s where the characters were. Thanks for the tip, we would never have seen it otherwise

  112. I plan on taking my family to Disney World soon . We planned on getting pictures with all of our favorite Disney villains . But the kids and I don’t see Shego (our favorite villain) or any villains from Kim Possible ? That’s crazy she the best villain of them all !!!!

  113. Hi
    I have been at the character palooza a few times and i find it one of the few places that still have the spontaneity of character meet and greets at Disney World. This past weekend I was at the studios and there was a dance party at the sorcerers hat with characters similar to those at the palooza and it was not on the times guide. We saw Pluto, the Tweedles, Bolt, Pinocchio, geppeto, chip and dale. Have you heard anything about this?

  114. Hi Kenny
    I am planning my trip from March 23-28 and they have fantasmic at 8:30 and 9:30 or 10pm. Does that mean there will be one at 5:30. I am also a little confused on where I should be to meet them and how early would you suggest I get there. Thanks and I love your site by the way. I also downloaded the app.

  115. Hi! I am going to WDW on May 12 and it looks like there will only be one 9:00 show. I didn’t see that time mentioned so just wondering when the characters will be out. Thank you so much!

  116. I am going to be there Jan 18 and it lists Fantasmic for 7 and 8:30. None of the options give those 2 times for Characterpalooza. Do you know what times I can expect? Thanks!

      1. Kenny, have you heard anything on Lori’s question about the Fantasmic! at 7 and 8:30? Thanks.

  117. Today at 230 set there was pinnoch and gepetto, alladin and genie, Minnie, stitch, green army man, and Jessie. Was told all three sets today would be same characters.

  118. hi! We will be at Hollywood studios on Saturday FEbruary 15th…”dinner” res at MAma Melrose @ 3pm with VIP seats for Fantasmic! at 7pm. Any chance there will be a Characterpalooza we can catch?? Where?? Thanks!!!

  119. Kenny, how often do you attend Palooza? I have been five or six times since it started again a few weeks ago, and the characters appear to be the same (with maybe one random rotation): Aladdin, Belle, Genie, Green Army Man, Mary Poppins, Mulan, Pocahontas, Evil Queen, Snow White, and Stitch. I think Pinocchio and Minnie Mouse rotated in once. Just seeing if you, or anyone else, had a different experience. In the fall, the characters appeared to rotate more frequently and me and my girlfriend were able to meet every character except for Smee and Queen of Hearts.

  120. Sorry if I missed it somewhere. Hoping to catch this for March trip (so should be 5:30 since F! at 8:30 and 10). How long should we plan for Characterpalooza to last? With FPP+ now pre-planned, trying to avoid overlap! Thanks so much. Appreciate your info.

  121. Were at the park yesterday (Sat) and the characters came out about 4:05 and stayed out probably 15 minutes or so. The group included: Snow White and the Evil Queen (Grimhilde), Mary Poppins, Aladdin, Belle (in blue dress), Minnie Mouse, Pinocchio and Gepetto, Pocahontas and Green Army Man. We were easily able to get pics of our 2 year with all the characters, and had a blast seeing them. :)

  122. I’m headed in May, and it says there’s going to be two F! shows the night we’re in Hollywood Studios. The first at 9 and the second at 10:30. Any idea on what the schedule will look like in that circumstance?

  123. Thank you so much!!!! I was walking back to sAn Francisco st at 415 in anticipation of charscterpooliza abd saw Snow White, Mary popping abd the evil queen walk away – I was more excited than my girls!!! We got to the queen 1st and then snow and Mary left due to the drizzle. We then met pochahontas with Meeko, gepptto then belle with her blue dress. We got only a quick autograph from Aladdin as the characters were all leaving due to a bit of rain. Without ur info I would have never know about this!! Thank u so much!!!!! It was a great opportunity!!!

  124. Thanks so much for letting me know about this event. The characters came out right around 4pm on the 5th. We saw Genie, Aladdin, Jasmine, Mary Poppins & penguin, Belle in her blue dress, Pocahontas & Meeko, Chip n’ Dale, Jessie, Smee, and green army men.

  125. There were 16 at once! Green army men, Max, Pocahontas/Meeko, Evil Queen and Snow White, Chip/Dale, Aladdin/Jasmine, Mulan, Pinocchio, Jessie, Mary Poppins/penguin, and one more who I cannot remember at this moment! We got great pictures…Dale led my kids down the street and Snow White came out and went directly to them playing on the steps of the houses and sat and played with them!

  126. Once the characters come out, how long do they typically stay out? So if the palooza starts at say 4:05, what time would it be over?

  127. So we plan on going tomorrow 2/21, fantasmic starts at 7pm. Is there a good chance that this will happen?

    With ONE Fantasmic at 7:00 PM there should be three Character Palooazs at 2:30, 3:25 and 4:15 PM on Streets of America

  128. Thank you so much for all your great info…I am a newbie and all this is quite overwhelming. We will be at HS on Wednesday, March 12. Your app is showing Fantasmic at 7:00 and 8:30, Disney is showing it at 8:30 and 10:00. Do I go with your schedule…so one Character Palooza at about 4:05?
    Thank you!!!

    1. My app doesn’t show schedule for March 12. If you read the note at the top of the characters page, it explains the dates that the schedules are valid. Sunday to Saturday for one week at a time.

  129. I have to say a huge thank you for having the best information anywhere. I got to experience characterpalooza for the first time ever and it was magical! The characters were: max, Pinocchio and geppeto, evil queen, meeko, genie, mr. Penguin, 2 green army men, chip and dale, belle, and Minnie. Your time prediction was perfect and I got to meet 6 characters!

  130. Thanks for all the character hunting tips!!! Today I went to the 5:30 character palooza and they showed up a little late. However, I still was able to meet the Queen, Max, Gepetto, Pinochio, Meeko, Green Army Man, Jessie and Genie. I skipped Minnie, Chip, Dale, Stitch and Belle because they have set meets at parks that aren’t blocked out. Thank you so much for the help!!! I also got a (quite terrible due to lighting) picture with Annie at the Disney Junior Dance Party!!!

  131. Thanks for the updates on Character Palooza. I just have one question…….for May (specifically May 4th and May 9th) there is only one showing of Fantasmic! scheduled for 9pm. What’s your best guess on how many character paloozas they will have and the possible times?
    Love your site and thanks for all of the great tips!

  132. Hi Kenny, I purchased your app but I don’t see info about this when there is one Fantasmic at 9:00 (May 14, 2014) Do you have any info on character Palooza for this date? Thanks!

  133. Hey Kenny, just wanted to update you! My name is Kirstyn and I work at Disney’s Animal kingdom! For those guests visiting us this summer, PLEASE if you are looking for characters that you don’t normally see STOP before entering the park and passing the vacation planners and look off to your left! We have had PLENTY of obscure characters out recently signing autographs and taking pictures, recent friends: Gov Radcliff, Meeko, Flik, Atta, Stitch and Angel! PLEASE TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS! I HATE to see people so focused on getting into the parks they’re missing our friends!

    Was just wondering if you could add a surprise tip for the summer! Thanks! Have a magical day!

    1. When did Angel begin meeting at Walt Disney World? She has never appeared there before. Are you referring to the Rainforest back entrance area? If you could estimate a time this occurs, I’ll come over and document it for my readers.

      1. She’s been meeting at DAK as part of extra magic late at night. It could be any of the four and Hopper was actually here tonight! How awesome! It’s on nights that DAK is open later (8 o’clock closing – for the past few days it’s been starting at 5 or 6, and usually happens for around an hour and half. It’s not EVERY night, from what I understand it’s based on entertainment staffing, but it will continue until Festival of the Lion King comes back – and I can promise you we aren’t even close to that, haha – I just want people to keep their eyes open! Flik, Atta, Stick and Angel sat so lonely over there because NOBODY saw them! I work in Parking, so I walked by that area quite often and they never had lines, yet people were storming into and out of the park.

      2. First of all, Hopper shows up all the time at the Dinoland dance party and second of all I have said 3 times it is NOT inside the park. As you approach the park, off to the left before the vacation planners…

      3. Hopper never shows up for the dance party. Slim shows up all the time, not hopper and WDW doesn’t even own an Angel costume. Perhaps you just have your character names confused? You didn’t say three times it’s “NOT inside the park.” You mentioned Vacation planners and I didn’t know you were referring to the ticket booths.

  134. Went today to catch character palooza and got pics with Evil Queen, Queen of Hearts, Max Goof, & Pinocchio! We missed out on Meeko. Plus they had Minnie, Aladdin, Jasmine, Pocahontas & Rafiki there too

  135. Has Characterpalooza occurred in the Animation Building anytime recently? We are in there and have seen some non Hollywood Studios characters come and go.

  136. If Fantasmic is at 6:30 and 8, what time would Characterpalooza be? I was looking at the times during Thanksgiving. I am trying to plan in advance for 2014 based off 2013. We have always missed this event and would really like to see more characters this trip.

      1. We will be in HS in June 11th? When should we expect this?!? I don’t know who is more excited, me or my 3 year old. !!!!!

  137. So I’m a tad nervous since it seems I’m going the first week where there’s only one Fantasmic at 9 PM (May 4-10). Do you think it’s certain Characterpalooza will be at 4:30 PM or will you know more about the schedule the week it occurs?

      1. I guess I’m afraid I’ll miss it, but I guess showing up at 4:30 worst case scenario would be it being later and then I’d just return.

  138. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! We found your site the day before our DHS day, and you were spot on. We were a bit worried though. We were told that there was only one F! @ 8:30, so we planned to be ready at 4:30, but as we were leaving a ride, an announcement was made that a second slots hdd been added for 10. Even still, we went to SOA at 4:15 and saw an unusually large number of cast members just hanging around, so we thought we’d stay. First thing I noticed at about 4:40 was Chip trying to order a drink at Herbies, so we headed that way. Here’s the list, as best I can remember:

    April 9th, 2014
    Aladdin & Jasmine
    Chip & Dale
    Evil Queen

    Thanks again! My daughter was so excited to see almost all of them, and my wife was excited for the evil queen, who was flawlessly in character, acting visibly annoyed and put out by having pose for photos with kids. Aladdin was great too. A clearly middle-eastern gentleman was taking to him and told Aladdin where he was from. Aladdin said “I’m from the middle east too”.
    They guy took the bait and said “Really? What country?”
    “A small kingdom called Agrabah. Have you heard of it?”
    The guy just wandered away confused.

  139. When are they switching Fantasmic to the 9:00 and 10:30 slots? Any better idea about time frame on Palooza with that schedule, or still just guessing 3 hours prior to?

  140. I don’t know if this was character palooza or not, but I have pictures of me from about 10 years ago with random/rare characters in the front of Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It could have just been a training session, but I didn’t think they held those at the Studios. That’s the only place I’ve ever seen Kuzco in llama form and Stanley from the Playhouse Disney show.


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